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Top Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon, Iceland 2023

The Blue Lagoon is one of the top places to visit when travelling to Iceland – and for good reason! Surrounded by the natural, scenic beauty of Iceland, it is the perfect place to relax. The weather in Iceland changes so dramatically so what better way to warm up than in a warm milky blue bath.

Keep reading to find out how to get to the Blue Lagoon, budget tips and tricks, what to expect at the Lagoon and interesting facts that you may not know about this famous tourist attraction.

How to get to the Blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is actually closer to Keflavik Airport (20 minutes away) than to the capital city, Reykjavik (50 minutes away). So depending on your flight time, it might be easier to go straight to the lagoon from the airport.

You can hire a car, get a taxi or take a bus either from Keflavik airport or Reykjavik. Getting a taxi is definitely the most expensive option at around €40-50.

Iceland has an incredibly efficient transport system and a lot of the bus companies stop close by most accommodation in Reykjavik. You can book your tickets here which includes transport and entry to the Blue Lagoon plus comfort extras.

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Credit: Reykjavik Excursions

What to expect at the Blue Lagoon

Once you arrive at the main entrance of the Blue Lagoon, you can drop your luggage off at the luggage storage outside (if necessary) or just head straight on in through the main entrance.

Once you’ve shown your confirmation ticket at the desk, you’ll receive a wristband. Make sure to take precious care of this wristband as it provides access to your belongings and it also keeps tabs on any purchases you might make.

Head on up to the changing area which is segregated by gender and prepare to get naked! It’s important to pre-wash before entering the lagoon but don’t worry they also have shower cubicles for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable letting it all hang out in public (AKA me!).

Once you’ve your swimming costume on and conditioner in your hair (one of my top Blue Lagoon tips – more on that below), you’re all set to enter into the famous lagoon.

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blue lagoon iceland

Top Tips for the blue lagoon

1. Pre-book your ticket

If you have booked your trip to Iceland and you want to visit the Blue Lagoon, a top tip is to pre-book your ticket straight away. The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most famous attraction so it is often booked up months in advance. This particularly applies if your trip is during the high season (mid-June until August).

Interestingly, the prices at the Blue Lagoon are dynamic which means that they fluctuate depending on the season you visit. During our trip, we chose the comfort package which includes a robe, slippers, mask and one free drink. There are three packages on offer:

  • Comfort plus round trip transport.
  • Comfort: Blue Lagoon – This is what we went for but kind of wish we got the all in one package above.
  • Premium: Blue Lagoon
  • Luxury: Retreat Spa

2. Save money at the blue lagoon

I think it’s safe to say that a trip to the Blue Lagoon doesn’t come cheap. Depending on your package, there are certain ways to save some cash while there. Here are some of my Blue Lagoon tips for saving money:

  • Silica Mud Masks: If you’ve researched the Blue Lagoon, then I’m sure you’ve come across endless photos of people with white mud-like masks on their face. When in the lagoon, head on over to the mud bar and lather yourself in the stuff. It’s apparently anti-ageing and all-around great for the skin.
  • Towel and slippers: If you go for any deal from the comfort package up, then these will be provided for you. If not, then bring them with you so that you don’t have to pay for them on site. I love my anti-slip water shoes which have done me well on so many trips now – you can buy them here.
  • Drink from the tap: With the comfort package, you are entitled to one free drink. If you’re still thirsty, drink from the water fountains provided. Safe, clean and best of all, free! I always bring this collapsible water bottle with me on trips and it has been incredibly useful everywhere I’ve been.
  • Avoid all of the extras: There are so many extras in the Blue Lagoon such as the gift shop, the restaurant and the spa. They all come with a heavy price tag which is easy to forget when all of your expenses are added up by a wristband. Avoid them unless you want to leave with an exorbitant bill.
blue lagoon iceland

3. Avoid the crowds

Generally, the best time to go to the Blue Lagoon is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The worst time to visit is early in the afternoon. We went to Iceland in May and arrived at the Blue Lagoon at around 4 pm. The lagoon wasn’t that crowded and we spent around 4 hours there going in and out of the lagoon and relaxing in the lounge areas.

Opening hours vary throughout the year:

1 Jan – 31 Jan8:00 – 21:00
1 Feb – 3 Mar8:00 – 22:00
4 Mar – 30 May 8:00 – 21:00
31 May – 27 Jun 7:00 – 23:00
28 Jun – 18 Aug7:00 – 00:00
19 Aug – 30 Sep 8:00 – 22:00
1 Oct – 31 Dec 8:00 – 21:00

4. Don’t Wear Any Jewellery

One of my top Blue Lagoon tips is; do not wear any jewellery in the water. I very nearly made this mistake when walking down the steps of the lagoon. I realised that I hadn’t taken my jewellery off. So back up to the locker room I went. I don’t wear much but my engagement ring could have been severely damaged which would have been pretty catastrophic!

White gold and silver react to the sulphur in the water so it’s better to just not wear any. There are very secure lockers on-site so I highly recommend using them to store all of your belongings especially your jewellery.

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5. Protect your hair

I have read conflicting experiences about how much the Blue Lagoon can damage your hair. I chose not to take the risk as my hair is dry and brittle at the best of times, plus the lagoon provides everything you need to protect your hair so why not take advantage? This advice goes for both guys and gals.

The shower rooms in the lagoon have the most amazing shampoo and conditioner so my advice would be to throw your hair up and lather it with tonnes of conditioner. Same goes if you have a beard.

I also had a small bottle of clarifying shampoo (this one smells amazing!) packed which strips your hair of any minerals. My hair was absolutely fine but I was glad I took precautions.

6. Bring a waterproof phone cover

If you want pictures in the lagoon, then I highly advise bringing a waterproof phone cover. The last thing you want is for your phone to get splashed or worse, to fall into the milky water! This is something we actually forgot to bring and I regretted it so much.

This is the waterproof phone cover that I have here which has survived banana boat rides and kayaking. You get TWO for only around €6/$7 and they are such a great travel accessory. Quite a few people have bought this one based on my recommendation and they have raved about how good the quality is!

blue lagoon iceland

Facts You May Not Know About The Blue Lagoon

● Did you know that the Blue Lagoon is not a natural phenomenon? The Blue Lagoon is, in fact, a man-made lagoon, the water is a result of runoff from the geothermal plant next door.

● The Blue Lagoon is a maximum of 1.7 meters (4.7 feet) deep. For this reason, all children are required to have a guardian while in the Blue Lagoon.

● The Blue Lagoon in Iceland got its name due to the stunningly beautiful blue hue of the water. However, if you filled a cup with the water you would see that the water is in fact, white. The rays of the sun reflecting on the water is what causes the water to look so blue.

● The water of the Blue Lagoon is really good for your skin as the water is full of minerals, algae and silica. It is also known to help people with certain skin conditions.

● The temperatures of the milky water hover between 37 and 39°C all year round. It basically feels like you’re taking the bath of your life in a giant hot bathtub.

● You might notice a rotten egg type smell due to the sulphur but don’t worry you’ll soon get used to it.

Where to Stay in Reykjavik

We stayed in an aparthotel in Reykjavik called 41-A Townhouse Hotel on the recommendation of friends. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It is right in the centre of Reykjavik surrounded by restaurants and shops. The hotel staff were so kind and helped us enormously when arranging onward travel. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay on a budget with all the mod-cons and an extra comfy bed, then this is the place for you.

41-a townhouse hotel

Other Top Accommodation Options in Reykjavik

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  • Sarah at 3:39 pm

    Excellent tips. I think it would be wonderful to visit the Blue Lagoon one day and knowing these things ahead of time would make the trip more enjoyable. The lagoon looks beautiful and I bet it feels great to relax in that warm water.

    • Ciara at 11:04 pm

      Thank you so much for your comment, Sarah. It is indeed very relaxing!

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  • Andrea Peacock at 11:16 pm

    So many good tips and facts in this post! I’ve seen so many pictures of the Blue Lagoon, but I honestly didn’t know too much about it. I had no idea it could be damaging to hair and jewelry! Definitely saving this for if I ever get to Iceland! 🙂

    Andrea |

  • Michael Anderson at 11:18 pm

    Great post! That’s interesting how the water appears blue but is actually white if you put it in a cup. I’ve seen many pictures of the blue lagoon but have never read much about it. Thanks for the insights!

  • Sarah Blevins at 2:21 pm

    Great information! This is something that is on our bucket list for sure!

  • Christine at 4:39 pm

    We loved the Blue Lagoon, and these are great tips.

    I was so worried about getting my hair wet. My friend’s hair accidentally touched the water back when she went; she said her ends were completely fried. We watched some IGers dipping their long locks in for pics, and I just thought, heck no! I have too much hair for that.

    Going in the winter in the AM was definitely an awesome time to beat the crowds. Although, I would have loved to see the Northern Lights at night.

    The Blue Lagoon is beautiful and the perfect way to kill some jetlag.

    Love your pictures!

  • Barbara at 12:22 pm

    I loved visiting the Blue Lagoon. It was so relaxing and well worth the money. I can’t wait to go back to Iceland!

  • Mimi Prentice at 6:40 pm

    Thanks so much for this I would love to go, reading this post I think I might. X

  • janice sisemore at 7:01 pm

    Sounds like a fun and beautiful place

  • Tamra at 10:19 pm

    This really makes me want to visit! It all looks so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Jen at 10:49 am

    This is such a useful post, not just pretty pictures but actual information too. I realise now I think I sound like a spam bot or something…. ? But it’s true, love a travel post with really helpful info rather than just posing pictures!

  • Laura at 11:46 pm

    This definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for the great info!

  • Sam Sees World at 3:15 am

    Such a great post Ciara! I loved the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, it was probably my favorite thing we did. I wish I’d had this post to read before I went, it’s so well written and informative. Thank you for the info 🙂

    • Ciara at 4:46 pm

      Thank you so much Sam, that means a lot! The Blue Lagoon is amazing isn’t it!

  • Pauline at 11:35 am

    Your post is super informative! I didn’t stop there when I went to Iceland but that’s making me want to next time I go! I think the fact that it can get pretty busy puts me off but it probably is a nice experience.

  • Nicola Lavin at 12:39 pm

    This is so high up my bucket list and I’m saving these tips for when I eventually make it. Thank you for such a wonderful post.

    • Ciara at 1:35 am

      Thank you so much Nicola – it’s such a gorgeous place! You are going to love it!

  • Chrissy Koulouris at 10:55 pm

    Thank you so much for the recommendations. Iceland has been on my bucket list. I do plan on visiting next year. Girl thank you so much for the hair tips!

    • Ciara at 1:34 am

      You’re so welcome!! I’m so glad I had heard about it before I went – lots of conditioner and you’ll be absolutely fine!

  • Vanessa Shields at 11:58 pm

    Wow these are all awesome tips! I haven’t been to Iceland yet but this post will come in very handy when I do! Love the tips on taking off jewelry and protecting hair.

    • Ciara at 1:33 am

      Thanks so much Vanessa! The hair tip is something i’m so glad I knew beforehand – my hair is dry enough ha! Hope you get to visit soon!

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