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Top Tips On How To Travel Safely in Humid Weather

I love the summer – bright mornings that wake you before your alarm clock, under-cooked barbecue food, the smell of freshly cut grass laced with dog crap, self consciously exposing your pasty, white winter skin. What’s not to love eh?!

I joke! Kind of. Summer is one of my favourite times of the year. Especially when the sun is shining. Everyone just seems that little bit brighter, right? One thing I cannot be dealing with is the humidity though. Even in Ireland, which is notorious for rainy, cold weather, is overcome with humidity in the summer months.

The worst humidity I’ve ever experienced was in Tokyo though. I lived there for a few years so I feel like I’ve tried and tested the best ways of staying cool. If you can’t get away from it, which let’s be honest is the best option, then keep reading for some top tips on how to travel in humid weather.

Wear Loose, Cool Clothing

As a curvy lady, this tip is quite an important one for me. For a long time, I covered myself up in shapeless, loose clothes in order to hide away in the background. Now, as my confidence is growing I don’t want this to stop just because I am feeling hot and sweaty. There are quite a few brands out there now who provide fashionable, on-trend clothes for curvy people which help us to feel good, no matter the weather.

What I will say though is, I do tend to go for cotton and linen materials which are, without a doubt, the most refreshing materials for when you travel in humid weather no matter what your size. My go-to stores for summer clothes are, Marks and Spencer and H&M.

Use Facial Mist and a Microfibre Towel

If I am travelling to a humid country, I always carry a cooling facial mist, I’ve tried and tested quite a few and this one by Mario Badescu is my absolute favourite. It lasts for ages and it somehow manages to stay cold without being put into the fridge. It also works as a make-up setting spray and on dry hair, the rosewater spray reduces redness in my face too.

Another useful item I always bring when travelling is a microfibre towel. They are so handy because they dry in no time and are very compact. If you sweat a lot then I highly recommend bringing one. I use my towel for showering, during workouts and for my hair too; they’re one of my favourite travel essentials!

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Top tips on how to travel in humid weather

Drink Plenty of water

This tip is so important but so easy to forget too. I love drinking water but my other half doesn’t so I always have to remind him to drink more. It is so easy to get dehydrated especially on holiday when the beers are flowing and the sun is shining.

My advice? Bring a LARGE reusable bottle, fill it with water and make it your mission to drink it all before the evening kicks in. I bring this one which folds down quite small so it’s easy to pack. Also, set an alarm to remind yourself, add fruit or a fruit squash if you don’t like the taste and/or pack some rehydration sachets just in case. I also freeze my bottle overnight so that the water stays cool throughout the day.

Explore top sights early in the morning

When travelling during high season, wake up extra early and visit the top spots while everyone else is snoozing away. This is one of my favourite travel tips as not only does it mean that you will most likely have the place to yourself, you will also have the luxury of staying cool too. The sun won’t be at its hottest and you can experience the sights without throngs of people bustling about.

This can sometimes work in the evening time too, depending on opening hours of various sights. I often find it much nicer to walk around during the evening time too and I prefer to do my exploring then without dripping in sweat.

Prevent Chub Rub at all costs

I couldn’t publish this post and not mention it, right? The bane of so many summer loving people’s lives. I love wearing floaty dresses and shorts in the summer months but it often tends to lead to ‘chub rub’ otherwise known as a really painful thigh rash, ughh! When you travel in humid weather, exploring and sightseeing can become torturous once chub rub bites. I’ve tried out so many tips from undershorts, creams, not wearing floaty dresses etc. Is it just me or does it almost feel like it kicks in from nowhere too?

I am not 100% sure that I have found the best solution yet but this anti-chafe cream worked a charm last summer, so much so that I bought it again. My friend recommended it to me and I do like it so I can’t wait to see how I get on with it this summer.

No Air-Con, No problem

Air conditioning is pretty much a luxury for travellers and let’s be honest, we often have to find other alternatives when feeling hot and sticky. Some countries simply don’t have air-con so what’s the next best thing? (besides a cold swimming pool or the sea). A fan, of course!

Most of the handheld ones are pretty rubbish but this one that I bought has unbelievable power and is very effective. It’s a little bulky but doesn’t weigh much and is quite cheap. I’ve had mine for over 18 months now and love it. It comes with me everywhere!

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  • Kara DiDomizio at 4:42 pm

    I agree about doing the sites in the morning! I live in midwest US so am fairly used to humid weather but that doesn’t make it any less miserable!

    Keeping hydrated is definitely key, and I like the idea you mentioned of misting as well. Loose clothing and maxi dresses I am a fan of for sure!

    • Ciara at 4:49 pm

      Thanks Kara – Yeah it really is a must to get out in the morning isn’t it. I’ve made the mistake of trying to sightsee in the heat and it left me feeling so ill ughh!

  • Lea Bella Blogs at 8:33 pm

    Love this post! I am a size 16/18 and I suffer with chub rub so bad! I’m going to check out the cream you recommend thanks! Also getting to the sights early is a good one anyway. Usually less tourists too so both bonuses!

    • Ciara at 4:48 pm

      Thank you! Me too – im always getting chub rub and it’s so painful but honestly that cream works wonders! Let me know if you try it or find something else that works!

  • Under Flowery Sky at 1:45 pm

    you should mention also promenades at the shadow.. thanks for the nice

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