Travel Gifts For Her under $25

Travel Gifts Under $25 – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for unique travel gifts for the globetrotter in your life? Finding amazing travel gifts doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive as I’ve put together this ultimate gift guide for her and all of the travel gifts are under $25!

In this post, you will find practical travel gifts such as packing cubes and jewellery organisers, beauty travel gifts that are stunning and eco-friendly too, homeware gifts for the travel obsessed and even some fun and silly travel gifts too!

Whether you need gifts for friends going travelling, Christmas presents for the travel-obsessed person in your life or a gift for a family member living abroad, this guide has you covered.

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Practical Travel Gifts Under $25

Packing Cubes

If the travel obsessed person in your life isn’t using packing cubes yet, then it’s about time she did! I am the world’s worst over-packer but these cubes have completely transformed my packing skills.

I started out with regular packing cubes until I found these compressed ones and boy do they save space! I now regularly travel with carry-on only. As a result? I’ve managed to a small fortune in baggage fees plus they help to keep everything neat and organised too. Any travel lover in your life will be so grateful to receive these packing cubes. Shop here.

packing cubes travel gift

Electronics Cable Organiser

People who travel a lot will know the pain of a jumbled up bag of cable wires – it is so frustrating! I’ve always kept my cables in a separate bag in a semi-organised way but yet they somehow always manage to become tangled.

That is until I discovered this cable organiser bag – it’s so handy! The bag stores all cables, plugs and other little bits in a small fold-down bag. The wannabe-organiser in me loves it and the traveller in your life will love it too, trust me! Shop here.

travel gift cable orgnaniser

Travel Pillow Gift Set

I have tried and tested so many travel pillows over the years but none of them ever worked for me. In fact, they just became a pain in the neck (get it?) to carry around. I was just about to give up on them until I was given this insanely comfortable travel pillow set last year.

What I love most about this travel pillow is that it moulds perfectly to protect and support your head and neck. It can also be folded down into a small bag plus it comes with earplugs and an eye-mask. The travel obsessed in your life is sure to thank you for giving them their best chance of sleeping – something that every traveller wants when travelling a long distance! Shop here.

Airplane travel kit

Scarf With Hidden Pocket

This scarf is just the best travel gift – not only does it keep you warm, but it also keeps your most precious belongings safe too. There’s a hidden zipped pocket where you can keep your passport, phone, cards and some money – plus they’re pretty fashionable too!

Scarves, in general, are a great travel gift. They can be used in so many ways – to protect against heat, cold, dust, as a beach/ temple cover-up and best of all safely storing your things. Shop here.

safe scarf

Eco-Friendly Utensil Gift Set

Nowadays, a lot of people are trying to be more sustainable and eco-friendly which is great! Climate change is such an important issue that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.

I am by no means perfect but I’m trying my best, just like everyone else, to be more sustainable. That’s where this amazing eco-friendly travel kit comes in!

This travel gift set comes with an insulated Bamboo Water Bottle With Mesh Filter, bamboo cutlery, 2 straws plus cleaner, a soft organic bamboo cloth and pouch. The perfect gift for any traveller trying to be more sustainable during their travels. Shop here.

sustainable travel kit

Jewellery Organiser

One for the style-conscious traveller- this travel jewellery organiser is compact, stylish and has separate compartments for rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

I love how it rolls up too – a great space saver especially for those who love to travel with hand luggage only. Shop here.

jewellry organiser

Travel Wallet

A passport holder is a good gift but do you know what’s even better? A travel wallet! They’re so good at keeping the frequent traveller organised as they hold your passport, plane ticket, cash, and even a few cards!

This wallet is perfect as a travel gift – slim, enough pockets to hold the essentials and it also made with RFID blocking shield material to protect your personal information. Shop here.

passport wallet holder

Universal Travel Adapter

A universal travel adapter will always be appreciated by the person who loves to travel in your life – they often go missing (lost) or are left behind. Being gifted a travel adapter is one less thing to worry about and I love that this one comes in its own bag for easy storage too. Shop here.

rose gold travel adapter

Beauty Travel Gifts Under $25

Make-Up Organiser

This super compact and stylish make-up organiser bag is the perfect travel gift for women. It can store brushes, travel size makeup pallets and other makeup bits and bobs.

Whether travelling for a night away, going on a weekend trip or even long haul, this is the perfect gift for the woman in your life. Shop here.

make-up organizer travel gift

Micro-Fibre Make-Up Cloth Removers

These make-up remover cloths are the absolute best – reusable, good for your skin and can be activated simply with water.

Up until a few years ago, I used make-up wipes as my main form of make-up remover (I know, I know – terrible!). I was often left with so much yucky make-up still on my face and have since found out that they are so bad for the environment.

These makeup cloths are amazing at removing every bit of grime and dirt especially for people who travel a lot and they’re eco-friendly too. Shop here.

Makeup cleanser travel gift

Hanging Toiletry Case

Another amazing organisational case for travel lovers – this can be used to store pretty much everything from over-the-counter meds, beauty products, perfume, brushes and so on.

Plus it folds up neatly to be stored away – the perfect travel gift to help stay organised on the go. Shop here.

the best toiletry bag under $25

Make-Up Brushes

These makeup brushes are super affordable, cruelty-free and amazing quality.

While I’m far from a makeup expert, I’ve found that these 5 brushes are just the right amount to take travelling. The set includes a foundation, eyeshadow, eyebrow, contour and blusher brush – all that the travelling gal needs really! Shop here.

eco friendly makeup brushes

Eco-Friendly Hair Bars

If you’ve got this far, you’ve probably noticed that I am trying to be a more sustainable traveller and recommending more eco-friendly gifts.

I have tried and tested a few sustainable hair products for quite a while now and Ethique has quite quickly become one of my favourite brands. This set offers a combo of shampoo and conditioner samples so that the travel lover in your life can try them out. They will love them though, I guarantee it! Shop here.

eco-friendly hair gift

Eco-Friendly Body Wash

Similar to the eco-friendly hair products above, this is another great product by Ethique. A sampler of their solid body wash products is an amazing travel gift – the smell from these body bars is incredible.

What’s so great about using solid beauty products is that they also save on your liquid allowance in your carry on and no more worrying about exploding bottles in your suitcase. Shop here.

eco friendly body wash

Carry On Travel Bottle Set

While this gift may not be super glamorous, it will be greatly appreciated by the travel lover in your life. Going through airport security can often be a long-awaited nightmare and anything that improves that time is sure to be a win!

These TSA approved bottles hold just the right amount of liquid which means no running out to buy your travel mini beauty products and you’ll also save a bunch of time when travelling through security. Shop here.

travel bottles gift set

Refreshing Facial Mist Spray

This facial spray is an absolute lifesaver and a really thoughtful gift for her. You know that grimy, sweaty feeling you get from travelling all day – well this just makes everything so much better!

The rosewater in the spray really hydrates and refreshes the skin – such a nice pick me up and a must for a frequent traveller! Shop here.

facial mist spray travel gift

Home Decor Travel Gifts Under $25

Wanderlust Foil Art Print

Any frequent traveller would be really impressed with this gold foil art print. A beautiful gift to remind the travel lover in your life of their travels. I love this one – it’s handmade and a lovely touch to any room.

I received this print as a gift last year and I love looking at it while I’m working. I can’t help jotting down all the places I haven’t been yet which means my travel bucket list grows daily! Shop here.

wanderlust home decor gift

Ticket Memorabilia Box

How cute is this ticket memorabilia box?! It is such a nice, thoughtful gift idea and a great way to store travel tickets whether it’s flight tickets, shows, city passes.

I always love taking home a trinket or two from my travels but it isn’t always possible due to baggage restrictions. So this is the perfect alternative – definitely a great way to look back on previous travels! Shop here.

ticket memorabilia travel gift

Travel Photo Wall Hanging

I absolutely love this photo wall hanging – such a neat gift to give to someone who’s just returned from their travels or to give to someone living as an expat abroad.

This is sure to brighten up any room and is a great way to display travel photos or for someone who wants to attach photos that remind them of home. Shop here.

travel photo display

Fun and Silly Travel Gifts Under $25

If the person you’re trying to find a travel gift for doesn’t need any of the practical/ organisational gifts above or perhaps you’re on the lookout for Secret Santa ideas, then some of these fun and silly travel gifts under $25 might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Travel Journal

This is by far the best travel journal/diary out there. Even though most, if not all, travellers record their travels online in some way – a good, organised diary is always loved much more dearly, I promise you!

I’ve jotted down events, personal feelings, listicles etc in a travel journal for as long as I can remember and it is such a lovely thing to look back on. Even in this day and age of social media.

I have tried out so many journals over the years but this Erin Condren one will forever be my favourite. It is so detailed, fun and creative – a travellers dream! Shop here.

travel journal travel gift

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

If the person you’re buying for likes a cocktail or two, then they’ll love this travel gift. These cute little tins have everything you need to mix together a fancy cocktail right at your seat. Just order the alcohol from the flight attendant and you’re good to go!

There are lots of different cocktail kits to choose from – my favourite is the Moscow Mule but there’s also Gin and Tonic, Margarita, a Hot Toddy and so many more. They’re TSA approved too! Shop here.

carry on travel cocktail-kit

The Bucket List Book

This book ‘The Bucket List – 1000 Adventures Big and Small‘ is such an inspirational book and is sure to be gladly received by the travel lover in your life.

The Bucket List documents an around-the-world, a continent-by-continent listing of beaches, museums, islands, restaurants, mountains, and more. Any travel lover is sure to be fired up and inspired by this incredible book. Shop here.

the bucket list book

Mobile Ring Light

This is such a fun travel gift especially for those who love taking pictures for the ‘gram. A few of my friends swear by this and love using it for photos and videos.

The ring light simply attaches to your phone and helps to enhance both selfies and landscape photos. It has various light settings on it and comes with a rechargeable battery too. Shop here.

Travel Card Games

Card games can be such a fun way of passing the time, especially when travelling. They can also help out in social situations too when staying in hostels etc.

This card game is one of my favourites – it’s cheesy, easy but hilarious too! Whether I travel solo, with friends or my other half I always try to pack this card game and no one has complained yet! Shop here.

travel card game travel gifts under $25

Disposable Waterproof Camera

Did you think that disposable camera’s had disappeared for good? Well, turns out they’re back in fashion and a fun retro gift for anyone who loves taking photos especially their underwater adventures.

I remember using this waterproof camera during my first ever trip to Thailand years ago. We had so much fun laughing when the photos were developed – my photography skills weren’t particularly great! There’s something so nice about not knowing instantly what the photo looks like though. Shop here.

disposable camera

Phone/Tablet Stand

For the frequent flyer, this is such a great gift! Yes, a lot of flights offer their own in-flight entertainment but people like to have other options too. This tablet stand works well with pretty much all devices, it’s very sturdy and a great way of catching up on that latest Netflix series on your tablet!

If the person you’re buying for is travelling in a pair you can get this headphone splitter so they can mutually watch/listen together. Shop here.

phone and tablet holder

a view outside

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  • Amy at 2:32 pm

    Great gift ideas. Thanks for sharing. I really like the jewelry case. I haven’t seen one like that before. It looks like it wraps up nice and keeps the jewelry in a good shape. I’ll have to think about that one.

    • Ciara at 12:47 am

      Thanks so much for the comment Amy – I totally agree about the jewellery case, it’s one of my favourites! I also love finding things that save space as I always pack way too much!

  • Michelle at 2:46 pm

    These are such great suggestions. I totally love that jewelry organizer. It is different than any I have seen before. I’m going to tag my hubby in this so he can get some ideas 🙂

  • Lynne Nieman at 3:05 pm

    I always enjoy looking at these list as I find some new ideas. I love that you have some eco friendly ideas on here. And that mobile ring light? Never seen such a thing! Thanks for some great ideas (for myself!)

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